"I have never ever in my life sung like that," Dave Grohl says of taking on the falsetto vocals.

You've never heard Dave Grohl like this.

The Foo Fighters frontman is known for his gritty, powerful vocals, but he briefly traded in rock music for a cover of the Bee Gees' disco hit "You Should Be Dancing," falsetto and all.

When the Foo Fighters appeared on Jo Whiley's Sofa Session on BBC Radio 2 earlier this week, the band shared their new version of the '70s classic song. And if you didn't know it was Grohl performing the lyrics, you'd never guess it. While preparing for the guest appearance, they were discussing what song cover they would record, and the conversation turned to the Bee Gees documentary which Grohl had yet to see. So he suggested taking on a Bee Gees song, but not in a Foo way — "Let's do it like the Bee Gees," Grohl remembers saying.

"Let me tell you, I have never ever in my life sung like that," Grohl says. "But it was the easiest song I have ever sung in my entire life. Because I didn't realize my voice could like, [goes falsetto], 'You should be dancing, yeah!' I've never done that before! I sang the song and it was like six minutes and it was done. I should have been singing like this for the last 25 years."

So will Grohl be taking the Foo Fighters down a falsetto, disco-inspired path in the future? "Just so you know, there is a plan," he says.

Listen to a snippet of the performance below:

During the episode, the Foo Fighters also performed their own songs: their 2002 hit "All My Life" and "Waiting on a War," from their new album Medicine at Midnight.

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