Dave Grohl and company have a trippy little present for ya, bud.

By Jolie Lash
April 20, 2021 at 06:28 PM EDT

Time to inhale the vibes of the newest video from Foo Fighters.

On Tuesday, 4/20, aka "Weed Day," the rockers rolled out an animated video for "Chasing Birds," the newest single off their recently released album Medicine at Midnight. And to be blunt, it's one trippy, psychedelic-tinged clip!

Produced by Bomper Studio, which was also behind the band's "No Son of Mine" video, "Chasing Birds" follows the band on a weird and wild trip through the desert, complete with singing multi-eyed cacti, melting band members, and floating lips. "Chasing birds/To get high/My head is in the clouds/Chasing birds/To get by/I'm never coming down," frontman Dave Grohl sings in the track.

While the animated band members are enjoying their desert adventure, the ground gets the munchies and a giant mouth opens up in the sand, swallowing them down into what Bomper Studios describes as a, "hallucinatory hellscape, filled with increasingly bizarre distortions of wildlife."

According to Bomper, the initial direction they were given by the band's label, RCA, was "to explore motifs within the song through taking the band on a psychedelic, technicolour journey; reminiscent of The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine.'" The animation style is a hybrid 2D/3D-look, the studio explained on its website.

The video was directed by Emlyn Davies. Josh Hicks was the co-director.

"Happy420," the band captioned its Twitter message announcing the video, also tweeting, "Anyone have plans for 4/20?"

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