The video for the new remix of Sheeran's song even features the original child actors from Swift's 2013 video, but all grown up!

Everything really has changed!

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift just dropped the music video for the new remix of Sheeran's song "The Joker and the Queen" from his album, =, and it continues the storyline from Swift's 2013 "Everything Has Changed" video — the duo's previous collaboration. Nearly 10 years later, the "Joker and the Queen" video features the original actors from "Everything Has Changed," and captures the coming-of-age story of the now 18-year-olds — Ava and Jack — as they head to college and begin new adventures. (Fun fact: In "Everything Has Changed," Swift and Sheeran played the parents of Ava and Jack, respectively, but they make no such appearance here.)

However, it wouldn't be a Swift collaboration without a few Easter Eggs.

When Ava is shown doodling in her notebook, she's written the number 13 everywhere — a reference to the singer-songwriter's favorite number (and birthday). And the text message between the two characters in the video is a reference to a real text exchange between Sheeran and Swift that was shared to Swift's Instagram in 2015.

The new version of "The Joker and the Queen," which features the addition of Swift's vocals, marks the fourth official collaboration between the musicians and longtime friends, following "Everything Has Changed" (2012), "End Game" (2017) and "Run (Taylor's Version)" (2021).

The track — a sweet, soft ballad — is written by Sheeran, Swift, Johnny McDaid, Fred Gibson and Sam Roman. Emil Nava directed the official video. Check out a young Ava and Jack in the "Everything Has Changed" video below.

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