Your new quarantine anthem: "I should have stayed at home..."

UPDATE: And now the official music video is here. Watch and enjoy.

EARLIER: Dua Lipa said "stay at home." Assuming you're listening closely.

Ahead of her full album drop on Friday, the British pop star, 24, released her new single "Break My Heart" and music video to come soon after. As it happens, it's also an anthem for these quarantined times.

"I would have stayed at home/ 'cause I was doing better alone/ but when you said 'hello'/ I knew that was the end of it all," she sings. But listen to that first part: "I would have stayed at home" (to prevent the spread of coronavirus) "'cause I was doing better alone" (by not contracting COVID-19). You have to read between the lines. The second part of that chorus changes slightly to, "I should have stayed at home." Correct, we all should stay at home to avoid the coronavirus. Forget the second part of those lyrics, which is, "'cause now there ain't no letting you go. Am I falling in love with the one that could break my heart?"

After the heartache that was Lady Gaga deciding to postpone her full Chromatica album for the foreseeable future, Dua Lipa's new bop is a welcome arrival. The world may be falling apart, but at least we'll be dancing.

The singer may not have planned for it and she may not have wanted to initially, but after her Future Nostalgia album leaked online, she made the decision to officially drop it in full this Friday. "Break My Heart" is now here to herald its arrival.

Listen above.

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