The pop star is still finding new ways to keep the bangers coming in quarantine.

By Nick Romano
May 08, 2020 at 11:02 AM EDT

Hey, she's Dua. And she's got a new music video for you today.

Dua Lipa, the 24-year-old Future Nostalgia pop star, blasted off Friday with an animated cinematic for one of her recent singles, "Break My Heart." The animatics show her shooting off into space to find her crystal heart on a desolate, color-less planet — and also fighting off giant robots.

Lady Gaga took the giant leap for pop-kind with her "Stupid Love" music video, which was set on the planet Chromatica, the name of her forthcoming album.

Dua notably tapped animation for her dancier "Physical" video that incorporated anime. But now animated music videos are becoming more of a trend, since the coronavirus pandemic is forcing all of us to work remotely. Like with Hollywood, animation can more easily be done from remote locations as opposed to shooting something live-action.

The singer, who released Future Nostalgia on March 27, previously dropped a live-action video for "Break My Heart" prior to government-appointed self-isolation measure. Animator Marco Pavone has since directed the animated version.

Watch above.

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