Parton's workday anthem becomes about the after-hours hustle.

Dolly Parton has changed up the lyrics to "9 to 5," her anthem for everyday workers, to now sing about what workers do after the workday is done.

The voice of the country music legend features on the remixed "5 to 9" in a new Super Bowl ad from Squarespace that's directed by La La La helmer Damien Chazelle. Parton is launching her own Squarespace site for her Dolly Fragrance perfume.

"A lot of people through the years have wanted to change the lyrics to fit certain things they're doing," Parton told the Associated Press in an interview. "I really thought that was a wonderful thing, especially for Squarespace. They're so into people, new entrepreneurs working after hours to start their own businesses. '5 to 9' seemed to be a perfect thing when they pitched it."

Parton shared that she was asked "several times" in the past to be part of the Super Bowl, but she "always kind of chickened out." "I know it's just a big commitment," she explained. "If you do good, you do great. If you do bad, you do bad in front of all those people. [The ad] seemed like the perfect kind of way to do it."

The ad will airing during this Sunday's Super Bowl, which features The Weeknd as the halftime show headliner.

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