Diva Voltron unite! The Tom Brady flick's new Diane Warren–penned track, 'Gonna Be You,' is here — and we already can't wait for the club mix.

When you have a movie flaunting no less than five Oscars between its leading ladies (not to mention a couple of Tonys, countless Emmys, and a few Grammys), you gotta come correct with the soundtrack.

Enter Diane Warren, professional movie tunesmith and perpetual Oscar nominee. For the new flick 80 for Brady — starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field — she has penned the original single "Gonna Be You." Better yet, she's recruited a diva supergroup to sing it.

We've got Dolly Parton. Gloria Estefan. Cyndi Lauper. Debbie Harry. And Belinda Carlisle. Sight unseen, lyric unheard, harmonies pending, we were already prepared to make this the new national anthem and call it a day.

Dolly Parton, Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper
Dolly Parton, Gloria Estefan, and Cyndi Lauper
| Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images (2); John Lamparski/Getty Images

"I wanted to write a song that celebrated these women's deep friendship," Warren said in a statement. "Since 80 was in the title I got a crazy idea: Why not get some of the most iconic singers from the '80s, who are still amazing and always will be, to all sing it?" 

Not the most high-concept idea, but where else could we get these musical titans in one melodic place? We haven't witnessed this many legends crowded onto a soundtrack since Waiting to Exhale.

Anyway, here's the track, which arrived with a video featuring four out of the five divas.

"Everyone I approached said yes and was just as excited as me!" Warren said of the song.

Let us pray that it's only a matter of time before Lady Gaga and/or Miley Cyrus insert themselves into a four-to-the-floor remix of "Gonna Be You" to get this year off to a proper start.

Inspired by a true football fan story, 80 for Brady follows four best friends who take a trip to the 2017 Super Bowl to see their favorite player, Tom Brady (who plays himself and is also an executive producer), in the big game. The rest of the cast includes Billy PorterGuy FieriBob BalabanGlynn Turman, Ron Funches, Jimmy O. Yang, Harry Hamlin… and five Academy Award statuettes hovering silently in the background.

80 for Brady hits theaters Feb. 3. Listen to the new song above and watch the video below.

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