The family also say they're not raising money for the memorial service, so be wary of anyone who claims to be doing so.
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In the midst of mourning, the family of late rapper DMX (a.k.a Earl Simmons) are clearing up some reports.

In the wake of DMX's death last week and the outpouring of support for the iconic rapper from all corners of the hip-hop community, some claims were more baseless than others. Certain reports had it that Jay-Z and Beyoncé had bought the rights to DMX's master recordings in order to secure royalty payments for the rapper's many children. Others claimed to be raising money for DMX's memorial service in a crowd-funding effort.

On Tuesday, Simmons' family released a statement denying both strands of rumor.

"There have been a few rumors following our loved one Earl Simmons' passing that we'd like to clear up," the family said in the statement. "No one has bought Earl's masters. Additionally, we are not selling any merch or raising money for Earl's funeral. If anyone is requesting for money for his funeral please be aware the person is a scammer. We will keep the public posted on funeral/memorial service arrangements."

An easy way to dispel rumors is to check the basic facts. One of the most popular tweets circulating the Beyoncé/Jay-Z rumor claimed that they were doing it on behalf of DMX's "17 kids." In reality, the late rapper had 15 children.

DMX's death was announced by his family last Friday following his hospitalization for a heart attack earlier this month. In the days following his death, streams of DMX's music rose by 928 percent.

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