Natalie Maines is here to remind to calm down and "breathe."
Dixie Chicks
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Gaslighter is still postponed to a later, unknown date, but the Dixie Chicks aren't leaving us high and dry. In fact, with the new track released from the album, they're leaving us in tears.

On Thursday, the country music trio revealed the ninth track off Gaslighter, "Julianna Calm Down." It's a moving, uplifting ballad for women who find themselves in harmful relationships. Lead singer Natalie Maines sings directly to "Julianna," "Harper," "Eva," "Katie," "Juno," "Yaya," "Violet," "Berta," "Amelia," and "Naomi," urging them to stay strong and remember to "breathe."

"You know he's about to leave/ But don't panic," Maines sings. "Don't give him the satisfaction that you can't handle it/ Breathe/ It'll be okay."

Maines has seemingly been in a harmful relationship herself as she sang about in the album's title track, the lyrics for which appear to reference her ex-husband, Heroes star Adrian Pasdar. She said during a recent Allure interview that she hasn't been able to talk much about the Gaslighter album "due to ongoing legal disputes." One would assume those disputes have to do with Pasdar.

A post shared on the group's official Instagram page notes that Maines, Martie Elenor Maguire, and Emily Strayer collaborated with Jack Antonoff on "Julianna Calm Down." Antonoff recently worked on Taylor Swift's 2019 Lover album, which featured a song with the Dixie Chicks.

"Gaslighter," the song, debuted on March 4 and the rest of the album was set to drop on May 1. But in April, the Dixie Chicks made the decision to postpone the release, following the lead of multiple other artists who delayed album drops in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Julianna Calm Down" is currently available on music streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.

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