Country-pop group will release a new album in May.

By Joey Nolfi
March 04, 2020 at 01:24 PM EST

After 13 years without a standalone single, the Dixie Chicks still aren't ready to make nice with the patriarchy.

The country trio roared its way back to music with the new song "Gaslighter," which dropped Wednesday ahead of the band's upcoming album of the same name (out May 1). The anthemic tune was produced by Jack Antonoff and sees the group singing about a volatile divorce, while its Seanne Farmer-directed music video (above) features vignettes that touch on female empowerment.

"Gaslighter, denier, doing anything to get your ass farther," the ladies sing in the song's chorus after the song's verses tell the story of a couple that moved to California only to be consumed by greed. "Gaslighter, big timer, repeating all of the mistakes of your father."

Though the Dixie Chicks haven't released a single since 2007's "The Neighbor" and an album since 2006's Taking the Long Way, they made their first chart appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 last year as the featured act on Taylor Swift's Lover album cut "Soon You'll Get Better."

Watch the "Gaslighter" music video above.

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