"We have to have a conversation, Mr. Bunny."

Dionne Warwick has been in the music industry for nearly six decades, and as the newly minted queen of social media, she's anxious to learn about new talent for potential collaborations.

Shortly after the "That's What Friends Are For" singer tweeted that she had some questions about Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd's interesting names, the musicians interacted on social media and the trio has a single in the works in the "near" future, according to Warwick.

We asked Warwick to play a game telling us her first impressions of some other artists she'd never heard of based on just their names and photos. Could Dua Lipa, Daddy Yankee, CNCO, Doja Cat, Blackpink, Bad Bunny, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, and Cupcakke have a shot at a collaboration, too? Watch the video above to see what she has to say.

Dionne Warwick, Bad Bunny, and Dua Lipa
Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images; Paras Griffin/Getty Images; Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

"Daddy Yankee. Daddy? He's too young to be a daddy," Warwick tells EW in the video about the reggaeton star. She adds of Dua Lipa, "Oh, she's a cutie! She looks like she's a lot of fun. I hope she can sing, she looks like she can!"

Warwick has spoken of her love for K-Pop supergroup BTS in the past, but can she get down with Blankpink?

"They look like they're about three and a half years old," she says. "They're babies. They could have a lot of fun. I can see that."

Maybe Warwick would like to crossover to the Latin market with a collaboration with CNCO? She sounds interested.

"Oh, they're cute! Look at those boys. Wow!" she says of the boy band who counts Ricky Martin as a mentor. "They're adorable. I wish them a lot of luck."

She had a bit less to say about Doja Cat, the L.A. rapper born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini.

"I guess she figures she's a cat, ears and all," Warwick says with a straight face. "Doja Cat, hmm. Well, I'll reserve a thought on that one."

Although the legendary singer wasn't familiar with Lil Yachty, she seems interested in learning more. Lil Baby caught her attention due to all the jewelry he was wearing in the photo she was shown. "Lil Baby is cute. He's adorable," she shares. "He's got enough jewelry on, I'll tell you that! I wonder if he owns a jewelry store?"

And as far as Bad Bunny is concerned, a third eye he had painted on for an award show caught her attention immediately. Even if a collaboration isn't in their future, she'd love to have a chat with him.

"Oh, he's got a third eye, huh? Deep soul there," she says while laughing. "I want to know what that's all about. Yeah, I need to talk to him. We have to have a conversation, Mr. Bunny."

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