A few years after Ariana Grande paid homage to her film First Wives Club on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, actress Diane Keaton has returned the favor covering the exact song the singer debuted then: "Thank U, Next."

Getting her hands on what seems to be a Grande fancam that shuffles through different portraits of the pop star, the actress jokingly starts her narration by saying, "You know, Ariana Grande is just amazing so once in my life, just once in my stupid life I want to sing along with the amazing Ariana Grande so here I go."

The Oscar winner ends her tune on a shaky note, muttering, "Ariana Grande is a genius and I'm an idiot but so what, it was a lot of fun." She also added the hashtag #itriedmybest to the end of the Instagram caption.

Upon seeing the video, the new The Voice judge was nothing but supportive of Keaton, commenting "!!!! love you SO MUCH" and "i am having an out of body experience."

No word yet though on if the pair have any plans to make Keaton's dream of a duet come true.

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