By Marcus Jones
May 15, 2020 at 05:51 PM EDT
Credit: Everett Collection

Progressive rock band Devo found a unique way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their iconic Energy Domes in a way that fits the interesting, uncertain times we are in.

They're selling PPE kits, with one piece of personal protective equipment being their signature red headpiece with a face shield attached to help protect fans from transmitting COVID-19. The PPE kits are available for pre-order at the band’s official online store for $49.95.

Credit: Devo store

The "Whip It" performers wrote on their Facebook page that the Energy Dome — which was introduced along with their 1980 album Freedom of Choice — has become "the most iconic symbol of the band’s multi-media mission to spread the idea of Devolution, and joked that even though people laughed when the band explained at the time that "once the dome was placed on your head it recycled the electrical energy that regularly escapes from your brain," now its popularity is in a way "proof that De-evolution is real!"

The PPE kits come unassembled with the personal protection shield attaching to the Energy Dome via Velcro. But if that's not your style, the band also has the cone imagery emblazoned on a more traditional face mask: "Stay safe in devolved style!"

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