"I think it's safe to say that was probably my last rap," the Friends star tells EW of taking part in the music video homage to her.

Courteney Cox can now add "rapper" to her resumé.

EW is exclusively premiering the music video for Idris Elba and Connor Price's collaboration "Courteney Cox" — Price's tongue-in-cheek homage to his favorite actress and childhood crush that debuted Jan. 22 — and Cox actually joins in for a rap verse of her own in the iPhone-centric video.

The song was created after up-and-coming Canadian rapper Price responded to Elba's challenge on Instagram, where Elba posted a rap and left the third verse open for aspiring rappers to join in. Price submitted a freestyle of his own, and Elba DMed him immediately. When Elba sent the finished track to Cox, she was "curious" when she found out that an entire rap had been written about her, especially with lines like, "Cougar flirting with me, call her Courteney Cox."

"Should I be flattered?" the Friends alum says in an email to EW. "I think the song has a great beat. Idris and Connor are really talented." 

Cox then wrote and recorded her own verse for the music video. "Well, let's just say if my partner wasn't a musician it wouldn't have happened," she says, referring to Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid. "Johnny gave me a template so I could follow along. The only thing I've ever rapped until now was a Christmas present."

And while she says she "really enjoyed meeting the guys" and participating in the music video, she's not exactly looking to start up a new career as a rapper. "I think it's safe to say that was probably my last rap," she says.

For this being first and last rap ever, at least she "buried" Price on his own song (according to Elba). Watch the music video below now:

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