Apparently, Public Enemy didn't break up after all. They just staged a media hoax to promote Chuck D's new album.

By Christian Holub
April 01, 2020 at 11:43 AM EDT

Update: Well, someone's not telling the truth. A day after Chuck D released a blog post claiming that his spat with Flavor Flav was part of some elaborate April Fool's Day hoax, Flav has broken his silence to dispute Chuck's account of events. Although Chuck wrote that the prank was "a plan between Flav and me," Flav says he had nothing to do with it and encouraged Chuck and others to donate to coronavirus relief funds rather than engage in media hoaxes.

I am not a part of your hoax @mrchuckd,,, there are more serious things in the world right now than April Fool's jokes and dropping records,,,the world needs better than this,,,you say we are leaders so act like one," Flav tweeted alongside a link to the MusiCares fund

Earlier: As if the whole thing wasn't confusing enough last month when Chuck D appeared to fire Flavor Flav from Public Enemy during a spat over a Bernie Sanders rally, Chuck now says the whole thing was a hoax – an April Fool's Day joke in fact, meant to promote his new album.

"I had watched Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds from 1938 when he pulled the wool over the public’s eyes as they put 100% belief in the technology of radio. Most people followed like a Pavlovic dog just like they do now," Chuck wrote in a new blog post titled A hoax that ain't no joke. "Flav doesn’t do benefits and stays away from political events - we been cool and always agreed about that. Enemy Radio was built for that reason, to be a DJ+MC auxiliary unit of Public Enemy, a no-slack homage tossback to DJ+MC roots. It is DJ Lord, myself and Jahi with the S1Ws."

Chuck continued, "Hearing the confused mush of political talk while under the bowels of Trumpotus made me use a presidential stage as my platform. Out of this storm came a plan between Flav and me to remind people that what’s important should have as much, if not more, value than just what’s popular. Thus came the HOAX, our War Of The Worlds. Believe half of what you hear and NONE of what you see."

EW has reached out to Flavor Flav for comment.

On top of that blog post, Chuck's splinter group Enemy Radio released a whole new album on Wednesday, titled Loud Is Not Enough. One single, "Food As a Machine Gun," features Flav and is credited to Enemy Radio and Public Enemy. Listen to it above.

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