By Sydney Bucksbaum
April 21, 2021 at 03:25 PM EDT

Do you believe ... that a random act of kindness can make someone's day? Cher definitely does.

The superstar recently surprised one of her fans with a sweet video call, and the moment will definitely bring a smile to your face. On Monday, Erica Steiner shared a video on Twitter revealing that her mom Robin Steiner has Alzheimer's and "is Cher's biggest fan," and the FaceTime conversation was the "Best. Moment. Ever." Robin was even wearing a shirt with a giant photo of Cher's face on it when the call happened, which is too perfect.

"I still can't believe this really happened I'm shaaaaaking," Erica wrote with the crying emoji. "They had a whole ten minute conversation."

Erica explained that her mother has been a huge fan of Cher since childhood, and her music has helped the Steiner family cope with Robin's Alzheimer's diagnosis. "Cher is basically another caregiver in our house - her presence consistently calms my mom when she's frustrated or sad," Erica says.

"Ill definitely never be able top this ... but it makes me want to try," Erica wrote with the crying laughing emoji. "I think John Travolta's up next."

Watch the full FaceTime conversation below now:

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