Baby don't go, you've got an article to read about Cher!

It's getting close to the end of Pride month, but don't worry, Cher's got you, babe.

The queen of all queens has joined TikTok, with her first message dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community.

"Hi, it's me, the great and powerful Cher," she said very Wizard of Oz-like as her first video opened (which sees her in a pink cropped jacket, black pants and a blonde wig). "And I'm on TikTok."

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After a tiny break, Cher returns, this time sporting a striped, fitted blazer and camisole, and with her trademark long, black locks.

"Hi, it's me [DRAMATIC PAUSE] Cher. [ANOTHER DRAMATIC PAUSE] on TikTok," she says.

As the beat goes on, blonde-wig Cher returns again.

"Guess who I am? I'm on TikTok," she says while peeking out from behind a door.

And, you better sit down kids, there's one more introduction that is Cherrific when the icon doesn't bother saying her name -- because you all know it already.

"Hi, of course you know who I am. I was going to introduce myself, but no," Cher says. "Happy Pride month to everybody in the community that I love."

In addition to joining TikTok, Cher's made a lot of moves of late. She released Cher & the Loneliest Elephant -- a documentary on Paramount+ -- earlier this year, chronicling efforts to rehouse Kaavan, the elephant, from Pakistan to Cambodia, after years in chains.

She also announced back in May that she's turning back time and bringing her life story to the big screen with Universal Pictures. 

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