"Bro, they're so hard to watch," the singer-songwriter said after his "Sexy Shades" music video went viral on the social video site.

Charlie Puth has no shame... well, alright, maybe a little shame... over his "Sexy Shades."

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter came clean about his past as a comedy YouTuber after a clip from one of his early music videos — in which he sings about alluring eyewear — went viral on TikTok.

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth comes clean about his comedy YouTuber past.
| Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images; Charlie Puth/YouTube

"I've been waiting for this day to come. I lasted five years without anybody knowing this," he said in a TikTok response. "Before I was a signed artist, I used to make YouTube comedy songs, and, bro, they're so hard to watch. We tried so hard in the beginning when I first got signed to hide all of these videos, but, TikTok! So, if you want a good laugh, type in my name plus old videos and have fun. Ugh!"

The "Sexy Shades" video sees a much younger Puth gyrating as he croons about his sunglasses. Other videos in Puth's videography include "The Pickle Song" (about someone, uh, throwing a pickle at him) as well as an ode to his "Red Hyundai."

Watch Puth's response as well as the original "Sexy Shades" music video above.

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