The Queen of Funk doesn't give a funk about Rolling Stone's 200 Greatest Singers list. Well, maybe a little.

Chaka Khan is every woman, it's all in her. And she's not afraid of letting it all out.

Khan, whose powerful voice transcends genre, time, and space, gave her solicited opinion on fellow singers Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Adele, and others in an epically shady a candid interview with Los Angeles magazine's The Originals podcast.

Khan was asked about being included on Rolling Stone's controversial 200 Greatest Singers list — a list she had never heard of but was included on at a fine No. 29. "These people don't quantify or validate me in any way," the "Tell Me Something Good" chanteuse said.

Chaka Khan attends Angel Ball 2022 hosted by Gabrielle's Angel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street on October 24, 2022 in New York City.
Chaka Khan gave her uncensored takes on the 'greatest' singers of all time
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But eventually Khan's curiosity got the better of her.

The legendary songstress, who turns 70 this month, seemed amused, even slightly honored, by her glowing write-up in RS when read by Originals interviewer Andrew Goldman. Though she notes all that praise should've landed her at five or "at least" 10.

And even though she, along with Céline Dion's irate fans, initially dismissed the list and its relevance, Khan indulged Goldman as he ran through the list and asked her opinion of these "greatest" singers.

Like a great Chaka Khan song, the results were a thrilling rollercoaster of emotion with nary a missed note.

Khan agreed with good friend Aretha Franklin (Khan was one of the notoriously shady Frankin's favorite singers) at the top spot and takes credit for No. 2 Whitney Houston — for introducing her to Clive Davis and the business and having her (and Luther Vandross) sing backup on her early solo records.

Khan had words for Mariah Carey's placement at No. 5, notably one: "Payola." After an extended silence, she had "no comment" about Beyoncé, except the following comments: "She's a great singer. She really has the opportunity to be a great singer. She has what it takes. She's got the chops. She does."

Adele coming in just ahead of Khan at No. 22, however, was a bridge too far. And that bridge was "I ain't playin' (yeah), cuz I'm the one."

"Okay," Khan said, "I quit." But Khan somehow finds the strength to go on before almost calling it quits yet again with Mary J. Blige at No. 25, four spots ahead of her.

"They are blind as a motherf---ing bat! They need hearing aids," Khan exclaimed, referring to the Rolling Stone critics. "These must be the children of Helen Keller!"

It would take a diva of Chaka Khan's stature to invoke Helen Keller when describing praise for someone she considers a friend. Earlier in the interview, Khan unloaded on Blige's 1992 cover of "Sweet Thing," the 1975 hit song she wrote for her then-band, the funktastic Rufus.

Khan denied saying that the Queen of Hip Hop Soul "f---ed up" her song... in public, though she did say it to Blige's face.

"Her vocals were flat," Khan explained, adding that she asked Blige what time of the day she recorded the song. According to Khan, Blige admitted she was up all night and recorded at 8 in the morning, to which she responded, "Girl you don't sing nothing at 8 o'clock in the motherf---ing morning."

Khan maintains, however, that she and Blige are "cool" and that they have the kind of relationship where they "can talk."

"I love her. She loves me. We don't have a problem," Khan says. "Now the press would love to make it a f---ing problem."

The press... and maybe the children of Helen Keller.

Meanwhile, this Chaka Khan interview almost sounds like an episode of Got 2 B Real, the cult internet parody "diva variety show" featuring the likes of Khan, Franklin, Carey, MJB, Patti LaBelle, and Dionne Warwick — nearly all of them voiced by series creator Patti LaHelle, a.k.a. Andrea Lee — reading the very life out of each other.

"Mary, sometimes it seems to me all the vocal doors in your life must stay locked," the faux-LaBelle once said to the faux-Blige, "because you never seem to... have the right key."

Here fans thought Got 2 B Real was parody when it was actually pretty prescient.

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