Guess who? It's not complicated…

Pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne has made her debut on TikTok.

The Canadian music star posted her very first video on the social media platform Monday, sporting a very retro look — a black T-shirt and a striped tie, kind of like this — as she lip-syncs along to her 2002 classic "Sk8er Boi" while sitting on top of a ramp.

When the song gets to the chorus, "He was a skater boy/She said, 'See ya later, boy,'" the camera zooms in on the tie, before zooming out and revealing the ultimate sk8er boi, Tony Hawk.

The pro skater performs a a few tricks on the video on one of his own boards, which is perfectly pink on the underside.

Lavigne's TikTok debut arrived on the perfect day: Monday is Go Skateboarding Day, and she put in a plug on her Instagram to watch Hawk on his ramp via The Skate Park Project's (formerly The Tony Hawk Foundation) TikTok page.

Last month, the rocker shared a little video of her own boarding sesh. It ended in a little tumble, but she bravely shared the footage with fans on Instagram because, even in her 30s, she's still punk rock.

"Hope this makes you laugh as hard as it's made my friends and I laugh all week," she wrote. "That's what I get for sk8ing in my slippers and dress."

Here's to never growing up.

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