The Grammy award-winning singer rewrote the rapper's song to make it more relatable to a social-distanced lifestyle.
Alicia Keys
Credit: CBS

Alicia Keys is the quarantine hero we all need right now.

During Thursday night's episode of The Late Show, the Grammy-winning singer performed a social-distancing rendition of Flo Rida's "My House," by virtually chiming in from her own home. "This song is dedicated to the moment," she began. "I have a feeling we're all going through a similar thing, so I figured we could break it down like this." Keys then broke into a rewritten version of Flo Rida's song (in which he invites someone over to party etc.), encouraging everyone to stay home and be safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

"You can't come to my house, suddenly two's a crowd," she sings while accompanying herself on the keyboard. "Only Swizz is allowed/ We don't have to go out. You can't come to my house/ All my kids are real loud." Key's then hilariously goes on to reference regular occurrences in this new socially-distanced world we're living in: "Cauliflower gnocchi gone from Trader Joe's" and "Please be very careful with the Clorox wipes — some fools they flushing them down the pipes."

She even managed to squeeze in a plug for her new book ("The book that I just wrote, More Myself — and don't think just because the stores are closed you can't get it, because you can get it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Target and it'll go straight to your house, you know what I'm saying."), before ending things on an encouraging note. "We ain't going to freak out, we'll get through it some how," she sings. "You can't come to my crib, gotta defeat Covid, now I know what Zoom is/ We just gotta stay in/ You can't come to my house."

Keys' new album ALICIA is expected in May. Watch the video above.

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