Hear EW's exclusive preview of Monét X Change, Bob the Drag Queen, Jujubee, Peppermint, Ginger Minj, Michelle Visage, Margaret Cho, and more on Alaska's new musical album.

We've had our season 14 Rusical; bring on the Musicalaska.

EW can exclusively reveal that recording artist, actor, author, and RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2 champion Alaska has assembled the Avengers of drag vocalists for her new album Drag: The Musical (out May 13), a studio recording of a planned stage production that tells the story of two rival drag bars that go head-to-head for survival while struggling through financial troubles.

Monet X Change, Alaska, Jujubee
Alaska unites Monét X Change, Jujubee, Bob the Drag Queen, and more for 'Drag: The Musical' album.
| Credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images (2); Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Joining Alaska and collaborators Tomas Costanza and Ashley Gordon on the album are Drag Race superstars Bob the Drag Queen, Peppermint, Monét X Change, Jujubee, Ginger Minj, Divina De Campo, and longtime judge Michelle Visage. Other featured performers include Fortune Feimster, Margaret Cho, Nick Adams, Max Von Essen, Jamie Torcellini, Jack Rodman, and New York City queen Lagoona Bloo.

"At its core, the musical is inspired by the family bond that drag queens have together. And just like family, we may not always get along, but we find a way to support one another and love one another," Alaska said in an exclusive statement about the project, which Costanza adds is stylistically similar to Kinky Boots, La Cage aux Folles, Rent, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show with tinges of Meatloaf and the Sex Pistols.

Drag The Musical
Alaska's 'Drag: The Musical' album cover.
| Credit: PEG Records and Killingsworth Recording Company

"I want to bring people into the world of drag," Alaska's statement continues. "It's a world that might not always be glamorous and sparkly.  In fact, at times it can be slimy and disgusting.  But I love it and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."

See the exclusive trailer, full track list, and cast roster for Drag: The Musical below. The album is available beginning May 13.

Cast list:

Alaska Thunderfuck as Kitty Galloway
Bob the Drag Queen as The Master of Ceremonies
Divina De Campo as Popcorn Reilly
Fortune Feimster as Gloria Schmidt
Ginger Minj as Puss Puss Dubois
Jack Rodman as Brendan Hutchinson
Jamie Torcellini as Drunk Jerry
Jujubee as The Tigress
Lagoona Bloo as Tuna Turner
Margaret Cho as Miriam Mintz
Max Von Essen as Tom Hutchinson
Michelle Visage as Dixie Coxworth
Monét X Change as Goldie Vandersnatch
Nick Adams as Alexis Gillmore
Peppermint as Savannah St. James

Track list:

  1. "Welcome to the Fishtank"
  2. "She's All That"
  3. "Cathouse Fever"
  4. "Queen Kitty"
  5. "The Accounting Song"
  6. "Drag Is Expensive"
  7. "Wigs"
  8. "Gay As Hell"
  9. "Gloria Shmidt"
  10. "Out of Your League"
  11.  "Mirian Mintz"
  12. "She's Such a Bitch"
  13. "It's So Pretty"
  14. "I'm Just Brendan"
  15. "We Need Money"
  16. "I Don't Like You but I Love You"
  17. "Girls Like Us"
  18. "Jerry's Dead"
  19. "Two Bitches Are Better Than One"
  20. "Real Queens"
  21. "Welcome to the Catfish"
  22. "Brendan Is My Name"
  23. "Get It Together"

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