The singer cited "delivery delays and COVID" but promised to reschedule all dates.

Fans hoping to see Adele perform in Las Vegas are going to find themselves chasing pavements, at least for the time being.

In a heartfelt video posted to Instagram on Thursday, the day before her Sin City residency was supposed to kick off, the singer took announced that she has been forced to postpone the show.

"I'm so sorry, but my show ain't ready," she said. "We've tried absolutely everything that we can to pull it together in time and for it be good enough for you. But we've been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and COVID."

Adele's residency was scheduled to start Friday at Caesars Palace and run through July 2. Visibly tired and upset, she apologized for the short notice but said it was "impossible to finish the show" in time.

"Half my crew, half my team are down with COVID, they still are and it's been impossible to finish the show," she said. "And I can't give you what I have right now. And I'm gutted. I'm gutted. And I'm sorry it's so last-minute. We've been awake for over 30 hours now trying to figure it out and… we've run out of time."

Caesars also issued a statement supporting the decision to delay the show: "We understand the disappointment surrounding the postponement of WEEKENDS WITH ADELE. Adele is an incredible artist, supremely dedicated to her music and her fans. Creating a show of this magnitude is incredibly complex. We fully support Adele and are confident the show she unveils at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace will be extraordinary."

Cancellations and postponements have once again rocked the entertainment industry as the Omicron coronavirus variant has sent COVID-19 cases skyrocketing. In her video, Adele vowed to reschedule all the missed residency dates, while profusely apologizing.

"I'm so upset and I'm really embarrassed and I'm so sorry to everyone who's traveled again," she said. "We're on it, we're going to reschedule all of the dates right now. And I'm going to finish my show and I'm going to get it to where it's supposed to be. I'm so, so sorry, it's been impossible. We've been up against so much and it just ain't ready."

After going through the emotional journey of 30, we sure do hate to see Adele cry. To borrow from one of her recent hits, we hope she goes eeeee-eeeaaaaaasy on herself.

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