The singer speaks to her son about her feelings amid divorce on the 6-minute song from her new album 30.

Adele takes her signature brand of musical heartache to new depths on a new song that sees the pop icon lay bare her raw feelings on divorce in an emotional recorded conversation with her nine-year-old son.

The third track on the singer's latest album, 30, includes a heartbreaking interlude featuring a brief back-and-forth with her only child, Angelo, whom she shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki.

"Mummy's been having a lot of big feelings recently," she tells Angelo around the 1:54 mark in the song below. Angelo asks his mother to explain what she means, and the 33-year-old admits that she feels "a bit confused" and that she she doesn't "really know what I'm doing."

The song continues after the conversation, with Adele addressing Angelo by the song's title.

"I wanted you to have everything I never had. I'm so sorry if what I've done makes you feel sad," she croons just before the conclusion to her chat with Angelo plays: "I love your dad, because he gave you to me," Adele finishes. "You're half me and you're half daddy."

The tune concludes with a lengthy voice note outro, in which Adele speaks about her post-divorce emotions through tears. She explains that she's feeling "anxious" and "stressed" while making the recording amid a hangover on "the first day since I left him that I feel lonely."

"I always preferred being on my own than being with people, and I feel like maybe I've been overcompensating and being out and stuff like that, to keep my mind off of him," she says, adding that she just wants to stay at home and watch TV in her sweatpants. "I just feel really lonely. I feel a bit frightened that I might feel like this a lot."

Adele filed for divorce from Konecki in 2019, seven years after giving birth to Angelo. She largely addresses the breakup across the lyrics of 30, her first album in six years. In an interview tied to her One Night Only television special, the British singer explained to Oprah that her breakup as well as her strained (but ultimately repaired) relationship with her late father taught her how to love herself.

"I don't have to expect someone else to give me stability," she told Oprah. "I can also be stable for myself. Be a solid house that doesn't blow over in a storm."

Adele's 30 is available now. Listen to "My Little Love" above.

Adele performs her new album '30' at 'One Night Only.'
| Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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