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Always Bey Referencing: Here are Swarm's many, many Beyoncé parallels
Ni'Jah has 26 Grammys! How many does Beyoncé have?... 32?... Well-played.
Louis Tomlinson's new doc goes behind the scenes of One Direction's final performance
Plus, peeks at Tomlinson's reunions with his former bandmates and a look at his journey to becoming a solo artist.
One Isley Brother is suing another Isley Brother over being The Isley Brothers
Rudolph Isley is seeking a "rightful 50 percent share" of all proceeds earned by The Isley Brothers trademark, which Ronald filed under his name in November 2021.

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Hear a preview of the epic John Wick: Chapter 4 soundtrack
Co-composer Tyler Bates describes creating the epic score for the action franchise's fourth installment: "It's the longest score that I've ever done in my career."
Madonna slams 'naysayers' and teases new music with pop mastermind Max Martin
Across her four-decade career, Madonna has never officially released music with Martin, one of the industry's foremost pop producers.