Louis Tomlinson is getting up close and personal with a variety of walls in the music video for his new single, titled — you guessed it — “Walls.”

On Monday, the former One Direction singer released the video for his new song in which he sings about letting his guard down for love and walks in the desert, before staring at himself in a wall of mirrors, sitting on a floated seat that’s fastened to a brick wall, and standing amid a room of ballroom dancers as they waltz around him. There’s also a bunch of people in creepy masks surrounding him at one point and a fence that goes up in flames, if anyone wants to take a stab at an interpretation?

The singer shared the video on Twitter, writing that he is “so proud of this one” and that he was excited to go to the Moroccan desert to shoot it.

“Walls” is the first single off Tomlinson’s debut album of the same name, out Jan. 31. Fellow One Directioner Harry Styles released his second album Fine Line in late 2019, while Niall Horan’s next record is expected in the spring.

Watch the video above.

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