Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin performs 'Demons' for EW's In the Basement

"People don't necessarily always understand what you're going through," says singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin about his somber new song "Demons," adding that the track is about "having one person who sticks by your side."

Benjamin stopped by EW's Los Angeles studio in 2019 to perform "Annabelle's Homework" on our acoustic series In the Basement and is back once again to share his latest single. "Demons," from his debut album dropping this spring, digs deep into the companionship one has in the face of pain: "Well, at first I thought I had to bear this weight by myself," sings the 19-year-old Phoenix native. "But when my knees were getting weak and I was in need of help / You were there to take away the pain that I felt."

Benjamin, who is currently on tour in Europe, spoke to EW about his approach to songwriting in his first In the Basement appearance, stating, "I used to just start out with chords and then just see whatever popped out randomly, and if a cool word or melody popped out I would run with it. Now I'm a little bit more intentional about starting with a word first, but it varies. I try to have a concept first."

You can watch a full performance of "Demons" above.