By Kristin Vartan
January 03, 2020 at 12:03 AM EST

First come hits about love, then comes marriage (to Hailey Baldwin), then comes Justin Bieber‘s latest single after almost a year-long music hiatus.

The singer dropped his latest track, “Yummy,” early Friday morning. The flirty pop song — co-produced by Poo Bear, Kid Culture, and Sasha Sirota — shouts out his lover with lyrics like “Ain’t on the side you’re number one / Yeah every time I come around you get it done.” The number is the first tease of what’s to come from Bieber’s upcoming fifth album.

The comeback compilation will be discussed in greater detail beginning Jan. 27, with the release of the YouTube docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons. This 10-part series will take fans inside the studio with Bieber and his wife, not just to discuss music but the man behind it.

“He’s taken a very long break, and in that time, he’s found his wife, he’s grown a lot,” manager Scooter Braun says in the trailer. “And he’s ready to express himself through music again.”

“Yummy” is out now. Listen to the track above.

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