Jack White, Jack Black
Credit: Youtube

“Jack Gray” has finally arrived. In August, Jack Black and Jack White announced that Black and his Tenacious D partner, Kyle Gass, had recorded a song with the former White Stripes frontman. Now you can finally listen to the song, entitled “Don’t Blow It, Kage.”

Despite the “Jack Gray” tease, the song is credited to Tenacious D, with White as a producer. The singer also chimes in — albeit only in spoken-word form — with his opinion on the band’s guitar playing. The song is emblematic of Tenacious D’s usual style, with Black’s theatrical vocals and a heaping helping of parodic bravado.

Black and Gass recorded the song in White’s Nashville home studio over the summer, documenting their trip in a 17-minute video. The duo are embarking on a European tour in February 2020, and their latest album, Post-Apocalypto, was released in 2018. White, meanwhile, released an album with his band The Raconteurs in June, and is currently on tour with the group.

You can listen to “Don’t Blow It, Kage” above.

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