Aguilera re-teams with A Great Big World for a new song six years after releasing their 2013 ballad 'Say Something.'

Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World have teamed up for another tear-jerking ballad.

Six years after dropping their soaring hit “Say Something” in 2013, Aguilera has partnered with the two-man duo on the new song “Fall On Me,” a cover of the 2018 single A Great Big World previously wrote for Andrea Bocelli’s Grammy-nominated album .

The piano-driven ballad’s ambiguous lyrics seemingly beckon for the divine influence of a higher spiritual power, with Aguilera singing “Sooner or later, it all comes apart. The walls are all shattered, I’m back at the start. And I’m willing to follow this, wherever it goes. The heart has its reasons that nobody knows,” before inviting powerful light to wash over her from above in the song’s chorus.

“Moving forward, being present, finding peace,” Aguilera tweeted in support of the song Friday (alongside a video of her singing the tune).

Aguilera and A Great Big World will also debut the song’s first live performance Sunday night during ABC’s Ciara-hosted American Music Awards telecast — the same ceremony that hosted the first performance of “Say Something” back in 2013.

“Say Something” stands as Aguilera’s most recent entry on the Billboard Hot 100, where it peaked at No. 4 after its original release. Since then, she dropped her eighth studio album, Liberation, in 2018, before launching a global tour and a Las Vegas residency earlier this year.

Listen to “Fall on Me” above.

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