Cardi B is here with some festive cheer!

On Thursday, Pepsi launched a new ad that sees Cardi dress as a sparkly version of Santa as she jets off in a flying car to make it rain, dear. “The theme is shiny,” the singer tells EW of the commercial that’s complete with a Cardi’s Twerk Shop and a (w)rap station. “The holiday thing is just always exciting to be a part of, like, looking at the Christmas trees and knowing you’re going to be on TV around the holiday time when everyone’s just watching TV and happy about it too!”

Campaign aside, the singer is getting in the holiday spirit, naming The Grinch as the festive flick she can’t wait to watch (“How come that movie just don’t get old?”), and Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want for Christmas” as the ultimate holiday hit. “The song is just so successful that I’m just like, damn I wish I would’ve done that,” she says. “I just feel like it’s too late for a cover of it; no one can touch it.” She’s also excited to spend more time at home and work less this year. “Now that we’re married and I have a baby and I have step kids and everything, we just starting different types of holiday traditions,” she explains. “Last year I was so sad because I could only spend the 25th of the holidays and the next day I had to go straight out of town. So this year’s going to be different and I cannot wait. I want to have so much fun. I literally wanna do the whole hot chocolate thing; I wanna take the kids to a park and just do a lot of fun things!”

Looking back on the year, Cardi points to the Grammys and BET Awards as highlights. “That was a good performance,” she says of the latter. “I really stressed out on doing it and on the day of everything came out just perfect and I was just so happy — I fell asleep very excited.” Flexing other talents was also a standout for the singer who also got to serve as a judge on Netflix’s rap battle show Hustle + Flow and act alongside Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu in Hustlers. “It felt really comfortable,” she says. “The setting was in a setting that I used to work at, so it came so natural to me.”

Something that came less naturally was filming scenes for 2020’s Fast & Furious 9. “That was more of a challenge because it was more action that I never did before and it felt like the first day of school — everyone is a senior and you’re a freshman, like ‘What do I do, guys?,'” explains Cardi, who will only describe her character in the movie as “sassy.” Despite only having seen a few of the earlier movies in the franchise, Cardi immediately knew she wanted to be part of the series. “I know that it is something that is so big to be a part of that I had to be in it.”

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