Haim are slowing it down for their new single.

The band released a new song, titled “Hallelujah,” on Monday, with an accompanying music video directed by their frequent collaborator (and fellow San Fernando Valley native) Paul Thomas Anderson. The video, which mostly takes place in a dark theater, features plenty of Anderson’s trademark visual flair, with expressionistic lighting and long, gliding shots. (It also swaps out the New Beverly, seen in Haim’s “Summer Girl” video, for another old-fashioned Los Angeles movie house.)

As for the song, its gentle, acoustic sound deviates from the group’s usual pop-rock sensibility, but befits the song’s emotional context. The three Haim sisters all sing a verse on the track, and each shared statements about their respective sections on Instagram. Alana Haim wrote that her verse is a tribute to her friend Sammi Kane Kraft, who died in a car accident at age 20. “I had always wanted to pay tribute to her in some way and i could never put how important she was into words,” she wrote.

Este Haim wrote that “Hallelujah” is “a song about relying on the people around you and reflecting on how different life could be if those people weren’t around,” noting how her sisters have supported her through her struggles with diabetes. “This song is for anyone struggling with chronic illness and the people around us who we truly rely on for help and guidance,” she continued.

Finally, middle sister Danielle shared some of the story behind the video’s images, writing, “My verse is about our relationship as sisters. That feeling of knowing what your sibling is gonna do or say before they do it…. That is what inspired the concept for this video. When we got together with Paul we wanted to depict what it’s like to have siblings that always have your back.” She added, “This song is a big thank you to the people in your life that love and support you every day.”

While the group hasn’t formally announced a new album, “Hallelujah” is the latest in a string of new Haim singles; in addition to this summer’s “Summer Girl,” they also released “Now I’m in It” in October. You can watch the new music video above.

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