Joe Pesci
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Don’t call it a comeback, unless you’re Joe Pesci and have a huge new Martin Scorsese film opening and a full-length album to promote.

Before Pesci was a movie star, he got his start making music as a lounge singer. He’ll return to his roots with the release of a 13-track jazz album titled Still Singing featuring songs with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, legendary Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, and the late great Jimmy Scott.

The star of classic films including Goodfellas, Raging Bull, A Bronx Tale, and Casino, came out of semi-retirement to collaborate with famed director Martin Scorsese in Netflix’s The Irishman, set to hit theaters on Nov. 27. His album will drop just two days later.

Joe Pesci

The tracklist is as follows:

1. How About You
2. Falling In Love is Wonderful
3. I Remember April
4. I’ll Be Seeing You
5. Round Midnight
6. If I Should Lose You
7. My Cherie Amour (feat. Adam Levine)
8. In My Solitude
9. Folks Who Live On The Hill
10. If I Ever Lost You
11. The Nearness of You (feat. Jimmy Scott)
12. Exodus
13. Baby Girl (feat. Adam Levine)

Pesci has always had a penchant for making music, throughout the years he’s recorded and performed under both his real name and using the pseudonym Joe Doggs. This is his third studio album, his second was a comedy parody album based on his character from My Cousin Vinny.

His first single off his new album is “Baby Girl,” which features Levine and Sandoval, the latter contributing that vibrant trumpet and Latin beat he’s famous for. Listen to it in full above.

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