This will be the band's first concert since their 2013 split.

Break out the eyeliner and your old concert tees, because My Chemical Romance is officially back. And we're not okay (we promise).

The dark rock band led by Gerard Way has just announced a reunion show, the group's first performance since their split back in 2013. The exciting news came via Instagram on Halloween (appropriately), bringing them back to life after their six-year hiatus.

The momentous concert will be held Friday, Dec. 20, at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon PT.

Along with Way on vocals, My Chemical Romance also features bassist Mikey Way and guitarists Frank Iero and Ray Toro. Back in 2013, Way announced the band's breakup with a lengthy note that ended with love to their fans.

My Chemical Romance
Credit: Naki/Redferns

"My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die," Way wrote. "It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. I always knew that, and I think you did too. Because it is not a band — it is an idea."

Since the band's breakup, Way went on to create the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, based on his graphic novel series. And Toro actually played on the show's soundtrack, which at the time was a cruel tease of a near My Chemical Romance reunion but now turned out to be the perfect foreshadowing of their actual reunion.

So we're telling you the truth, we mean this — we're okay!

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