The Big Freedia-assisted song serves as the first single from Kesha's new album High Road.

By Joey Nolfi
October 24, 2019 at 09:18 AM EDT

Kesha has been to hell and back, and she’s not going down without a fight in her new music video.

The 32-year-old dropped the visual for the first single from her upcoming album High Road (out Jan. 10) Thursday morning, and it’s a bonkers epic accompanying a high-energy holy bop that sees the “Praying” singer-songwriter resurrecting her signature pop roots.

Directed by Luke Gilford (who previously helmed Christina Aguilera’s “Fall In Line”), the colorful video introduces Kesha as a wealthy televangelist with a jealous husband who envies his wife’s success. After an intense session of exorcising demons from her devoted followers, Kesha attempts to seduce her spouse, which sends him into a violent rage that quickly takes a grim spiral, leading his wife to embark on a cross-country escape from her former life.

“Raising Hell” also features some of Kesha’s most playful lyrics in years, as the pop star sings “I’m all f—d up in my Sunday best, no one can shame ’cause I love this dress. Only God can judge this holy mess, doing my best, bitch I’m blessed,” before instructing devotees to “bounce it up and down where the good Lord split it” over a throbbing, instantly infectious saxophone-tinged chorus.

Previewing her new album — her first since 2017’s rock-inspired comeback album Rainbow re-established her on the music scene following a lengthy legal battle over sexual abuse allegations against her longtime collaborator, Dr. Luke (whom has denied the claims) — Kesha previously told EW High Road marks a return to the “weirdo pop” of her earlier career.

“If you keep on pushing through the darkness, you’ll find a rainbow, and I feel like I finally arrived there,” she said as part of our 2019 fall music preview. “I came back around to realizing that I f—king love pop music. I had been depriving myself of something I loved very much because I wasn’t supposed to have fun. There is a beauty to the escapism of what pop music gives people and being aware of that. I enjoy it. I use it. Music is my therapy.”

High Road is out on Jan. 10. Watch the new music video for “Raising Hell” above.

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