Here's "how the songs sounded when I first wrote them," Swift said.
Lover by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is ready to bring her Lover album on the road in 2020, but first, she brought some of her stripped-down songs to a tiny desk at NPR Music's Washington, D.C. office.

As perhaps one of the biggest gets for the NPR series, Swift held her own Tiny Desk Concert, beginning with an acoustic guitar version of "The Man." The 29-year-old followed up the performance by taking to the piano for "Lover," and back to the guitar for "Death by a Thousand Cuts," all off of her Lover album.

Lover, released in August, quickly became the top-selling album of 2019 by September.

The concert then finished with an oldie but a goodie: "All Too Well" from 2012's Red.

"I just decided to take this as an opportunity to show you guys how the songs sounded when I first wrote them," Swift prefaced her singing of "The Man." "So, it's just me. There's no dancers, unfortunately."

Lover, she added, is "one of those albums where I wrote everything on one instrument first, so it's really fun to pick songs to do acoustically because they all started out that way."

Swift recently appeared as the musical guest for Saturday Night Live‘s Phoebe Waller-Bridge-hosted episode, on which she performed "Lover" and "False God." She also returns to The Voice in season 17 as a mentor for the contestants.

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Lover by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, and her first release under Republic Records.
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