Looks like there’s a temporary fourth member of the Jonas Brothers, and no, we’re not talking about Frankie “Bonus” Jonas. Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas have collaborated with Diplo for new song “Lonely,” which will be included on the DJ/music producer’s upcoming country album released under his birth name, Thomas Wesley. Jonas Brothers, Diplo, and country music? That’s… definitely different! You might even say it’s… cool.

Fans were first clued in to the surprising collaboration when Diplo pretended to hack the official Jonas Brothers Instagram account on Wednesday, sharing shirtless photos of himself as well as music group Hanson with trolling captions like, “never forget the original jonas brothers.” But then the account posted a melodic teaser of the new song on Thursday, along with what’s presumably the cover art for it. The official music video for “Lonely” officially debuted online at midnight ET Friday while the Jonas Brothers are on their “Happiness Begins” tour.

Does this mean all is forgiven regarding Diplo livestreaming Joe’s Vegas wedding to Sophie Turner without permission?

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