Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

No, that’s not just an American Psycho reference. We’re asking sincerely, because the group just released their first new original song in over a decade, and it’s a throwback to the bluesy pop-rock sound of the group’s classic ’80s output.

The song, “Her Love Is Killin’ Me,” dropped via the band’s official YouTube channel on Thursday. It’s the first new original song the News has released since the eponymous theme song for Pineapple Express in 2008; not counting that, it’s their first since releasing the album Plan B in 2001. The song is also the first taste of the band’s new album, due out in 2020, which will be their first album of original material since Plan B. (They released a covers album, Soulsville, in 2010.)

In 2018, the band canceled all upcoming performances due to Lewis’ hearing loss from Meniere’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear. “Although I can still hear a little, one on one, and on the phone, I can’t hear music well enough to sing. The lower frequencies distort violently making it impossible to hear pitch,” Lewis wrote at the time. “Her Love Is Killin’ Me” and the other songs on the new album were recorded before Lewis’ hearing worsened enough to prevent him from performing.

“We were in no hurry with these songs,” Lewis said in a statement of the band’s new material. “The more we road-tested them the tighter they got, and I think we ended up with some of our best work.”

Lewis is also continuing work on The Heart of Rock & Roll, a musical inspired by the News’ music, which has its eye on a Broadway run after a successful six-week stint in San Diego last fall. According to The Wall Street Journal, the new album will also include some original music composed for the musical.

You can listen to “Her Love Is Killin’ Me” above.

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