Everyone needs a love story about a Canadian singer and her large hat.

No matter your plight, Céline Dion (and her very large hat) are here to save your mood in the just-released “Imperfections” music video.

The Canadian singer’s latest visual is a feast of GIF-worthy vibes, set largely in a photo studio where the 51-year-old mugs for the camera while wearing several jaw-dropping fashion ensembles — including a patterned suit topped off with a giant top hat.

Though the song is about Dion self-caring for herself amid a romantic partner’s incessant neediness, the real narrative at the heart of the visual is Dion’s relationship with her headwear.

The journey begins as an assistant places Dion’s hat on her head for her. Simply breathtaking!

Sep-26-2019 11-12-09

The hat seemingly gives Dion inexplicable powers, allowing her to mug fearlessly while caressing the brim of her new accessory. Inspiring!

Sep-26-2019 11-24-56

Then, she does this, which is so fabulous it defies explanation:

Sep-26-2019 11-25-14

After all that work, it’s time to kick back and relax… just kidding, you’re Céline Dion, and there’s no time for rest — only for more photoshoots in your giant hat!

Sep-26-2019 11-25-30

Watch Dion serve endless moods in the “Imperfections” music video — which precedes the release of her 12th English-language album, Courage (out Nov. 15) — above.

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