Lil Nas X has been to the old town road, but now he’s rocketing into the future. The new music video for the rapper’s single “Panini” has quite a different aesthetic from the chart-topping hit that made him famous this summer. In lieu of cowboy regalia, the “Panini” video finds Lil Nas X dancing with robots in a futuristic setting very reminiscent of science-fiction movies like Blade Runner 2049.

The video follows a young woman as she ventures through this cyberpunk landscape and tries to escape the shadow of Lil Nas X. Unfortunately for her, he’s everywhere: Dancing with robots in alleys, or smiling out of giant holographic images like Ana de Armas in Blade Runner 2049. That Denis Villeneuve-directed sequel isn’t the only pop culture reference in this video, however. When the woman tries to flee her surroundings on an airplane, she finds the star dancing on the wing outside like in the classic “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” episode of The Twilight Zone.

Watch the video above.

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