Lover by Taylor Swift

The love for Taylor Swift‘s new album Lover continues to grow.

Country star Keith Urban performed at the Washington State Fair on Saturday night, and made a spur of the moment decision to cover “Lover,” the titular track to Swift’s seventh album.

Keith Urban / Taylor Swift
Credit: Keith Urban Twitter; Taylor Swift/Youtube

Urban had previously shared his admiration for the song on Twitter, after it was released as a single in mid-August, saying “When a song so exquisitely written becomes a record so gorgeously crafted I feel such a deep sense of gratitude for the ‘art’ of making music.”

Upon seeing Urban’s cover of her song the next morning, Swift tweeted an enthusiastic thank you.

Swift has a lot to be thankful for too, now that in addition to Lover already becoming the best-selling album of 2019, the album is now at the top of the Billboard Hot 200 chart, and Swift is now the only woman with six albums that have sold over 500,000 copies in a single week (Lover sold 679,000 copies).

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Lover by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, and her first release under Republic Records.
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