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Lover by Taylor Swift

Happy Lover week, Swifties! As we count down the last few hours before TS7 hits like a glitter bomb of irresistible pop jams, why not get in the mood by revisiting Taylor Swift’s classics? We’ve taken a tour of her discography and assessed which astrological signs each era speaks to directly (despite the fact that the majority of the Sagittarius singer’s albums have been released during Scorpio season). Read on to see which Swift album is written in the stars for you!

Taylor Swift (released Oct. 24, 2006; a Scorpio)

Swift’s career began just like the zodiac does — with some major ARIES vibes. The pioneering fire sign has definitely burned a few exes’ photos in their lifetime, and would be just the sort of person who, upon realizing that they and their partner don’t have a song (which, if other couples have songs, Aries is not about to just miss out on), decides to piece one together and write it down themselves. The fierce ram is not, however, terribly prone to openly weeping onto a musical instrument… which is where CANCER comes in.

Fearless (released Nov. 11, 2008; a Scorpio)

Swift’s second album has LEO written all over it. Seriously, right there on the cover she’s tossing her golden mane like a lioness, the word “Fearless” printed in all caps underneath. That is peak Leo. Once you start listening, though, the VIRGO jumps out; in a technical sense, Swift had already honed her tight songwriting and immaculate production since her debut. Lyrically, she demonstrates a highly precise sense of correctness when she tells a boy where he belongs (with her, it turns out), and also writes a few improvements into Romeo and Juliet, just because, you know, she had some better ideas, to be honest.

Speak Now (released Oct. 25, 2010; a Scorpio)

If there’s anyone willing to speak now (or speak whenever), it’s a witty GEMINI. Better yet, let them speak, like Swift does on her third album, as all the conflicting sides of themselves — both haunted and enchanted, innocent and mean. While we’re talking about contradictions, let’s not leave TAURUS out of this listening party, where the stubborn romantic of the zodiac can indulge in both old loves and fresh grudges. Not to mention that Swift put one of the bull’s all-time favorite words — “Mine,” obviously — to such brilliant use.

Red (released Oct. 22, 2012; a Libra)

First of all, Swift’s heart-wrenching maybe-masterpiece “All Too Well” is pure PISCES culture, right down to the fact that it was originally written to last 10 whole minutes (i.e., an eternity). Second of all, the rest of Red speaks directly to the songwriter’s own fast-moving, free-spirited sign of SAGITTARIUS, who’s always feeling 22, can never resist a bit of trouble when it walks in, is a master of beginning again, and has had plenty of practice telling clingers (ugh, clingers) that they’re never, ever getting back together. Like, ever.

1989 (released Oct. 27, 2014; a Scorpio)

No-nonsense CAPRICORN can appreciate Swift’s clean and ambitious fifth album, marked by a sharp transition to pure pop and an equally sharp haircut. Sea-goats know how to shake off the haters and can withstand a good deal of bad blood, and if you’re looking for someone to compete with the wry self-awareness of “Blank Space,” I’d write Cap’s name. On hand to balance them out is, of course, LIBRA, the new romantic who never goes out of style. If constellations made a sound, the scales’ would undoubtedly be the airy sigh from “Wildest Dreams,” and if all Libras were pop stars, they’d probably invite every person they’d ever met to join them on stage, if given the chance.

Reputation (released Nov. 10, 2017; a Scorpio)

Reputation, for better or worse, is big SCORPIO energy. While both the sign and the album are infamous for being dark, a little scary, and hell-bent on revenge (which, yeah, “Look What You Made Me Do,” we get it), it’s easy to forget that the flip side of that intensity is a profound sensitivity. Call it what you want to, but Scorpios are much more delicate than they might seem.

Lover (released Aug. 23, 2019; a Virgo)

With her seventh release, we’ve reached the dawning of Swift’s age of AQUARIUS. A dazzlingly different aesthetic and fresh celebration of love — for everyone — marks a new chapter for the artist (but please try to remain calm). One of these things is not like the others, and it’s the zany water-bearer as much as it’s this rainbow-tinted album.

Lover by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, and her first release under Republic Records.
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