Haim dropped a new, very L.A. single, "Summer Girl," on Wednesday. The song not only name-checks the City of Angels, but also references "earthquake drills" run "under the freeway overpasses." (Are we playing L.A. bingo?) But the song's accompanying music video is even more L.A., thanks in part to a certain Once Upon a Time in Hollywood filmmaker.

The "Summer Girl" video, directed by powerhouse filmmaker and frequent Haim collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson, features an extended section filmed at the New Beverly Cinema, a Los Angeles movie theater owned by none other than Quentin Tarantino. (It's worth noting Tarantino and fellow '90s indie film breakout Anderson are apparently good friends.) One of the sisters even reps the brand with a New Beverly T-shirt and hat. Hopefully they got to catch one of the venue's signature double features after shooting the video.

The video also sees the Haim sisters strolling through city streets, shedding a seemingly endless series of shirts, and repeatedly encountering a guy with a big ol' saxophone, who appears to play the song's smooth sax riff. You can check out the full video above.

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