If you can believe it, Lil Nas X‘s “Panini” track is not about paninis. False advertising, we know. (It’s actually referencing the cartoon character of the same name from Chowder.) But it did prove to be a good excuse for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to get together with the rapper to actually make paninis.

“I’m gonna put something together for him, ‘Panini, Don’t Be a F—ing Meanie,'” Ramsay, a famous “meanie,” says in a new video shared on Sunday.

The culinary tutorial, which involved a couple kitchen knives that could dub as samurai weapons, took place at Ramsay’s Lucky Cat Restaurant in London with a pastrami panini recipe. On July 1, Lil Nas X exchanged tweets with the chef, asking to learn the exquisite art of panini making. Days later, this video emerged.

Surprisingly, Lil Nas X revealed later on Twitter, after the video dropped, that the chef didn’t yell at him enough. That’s kind of Ramsay’s thing.

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