Listen to the 'Terminator' star join fellow Austrian entertainer Andreas Gabalier on a new song.

Andreas Gabalier feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Pump it Up - The Motivation Song (screen grab) Andreas Gabalier/YouTube
Credit: Andreas Gabalier/YouTube

As if going from bodybuilder to action star to leader of the state of California weren’t random enough career choices, Arnold Schwarzenegger has now added rapper to his résumé.

The Terminator star appears on a new song called “Pump It Up” sung by fellow Austrian entertainer Andreas Gabalier.

The song’s music video sees Schwarzenegger train Gabalier at the same Gold’s Gym where he first made his mark in Hollywood, as well as clips of the former governor spitting rhymes like “I am Arnold Schwarzenegger, listen carefully, dig deep down and ask yourself who do you want to be…”

With a rap like that and an inspiring message, look out “Old Town Road,” we may have found our new song of the summer.

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