Look what you made her clue.

After several days of build-up, including a mysterious countdown clock on her Instagram page and a butterfly mural in Nashville, Taylor Swift has finally released a new song called “Me!” featuring Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie, along with a colorful music video (above) that Swift co-directed.

“ME! Out now! Made this song with @BrendonUrie and @iamJoelLittle. @Dave_meyers and I co-directed the video. And everyone knows you can’t spell awesome without DAVIDBRENDONJOEL. Oh wait…,” she wrote Instagram.

Earlier Thursday, a billboard appeared revealing the song title and an image of Swift, the words Panic! at the Disco, and the Spotify logo.

Later, Swift joined Robin Roberts live from Nashville during ABC’s coverage of the first round of the NFL draft where she confirmed the new song and music video will be released at midnight.

“Me is a song about embracing your individuality, and really celebrating it, and owning it,” Swift explained. “With a pop song we have the ability to get a melody stuck in people’s heads and I just want it to be one that makes them feel better about themselves.”

Swift said she’s been inspired by fans who’ve been patiently waiting for new music from her. “I can’t believe how much they care. It makes it more fun for me to create music videos knowing they’ll care about little easter eggs or clues or hints,” she told Roberts.

Swift also posted art announcing the song on her Instagram account.

The singer has been mounting anticipation for something new since last week when she posted a countdown clock on her Instagram story and a photo of a pink heart-shaped diamond on social media alongside the date April 26. Her fans immediately began to speculate about what it could mean, reading signs into everything including Swift’s new pink hair color and even the background shade of her Time 100 Most Influential People cover.

Throughout the day, she posted more images of herself, one with the caption “Me!” and another with a butterfly emoji.

Swift’s last album, 2017’s Reputation, topped Billboard charts throughout 2018 and launched a globe-trotting sell-out concert tour that ran for much of last year. Most recently, Swift has been hard at work as one of many notable cast members in a big-screen adaptation of Cats.

We’d say her reputation has never been worse better.

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