By Maureen Lee Lenker
April 23, 2019 at 03:47 PM EDT
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

With his latest Instagram posts, Bruce Springsteen is leaving his fans dancing in the dark.

The rock star shared a mysterious post Monday on social media, featuring the image of a tree slightly obscured by the bright glare of the sun. Some surmised it might simply be a cryptic Earth Day post, but Tuesday morning, he doubled down, sharing another picture of a tree with what appears to be pine needles/branches superimposed over the image.

The two posts immediately had fans speculating that Springsteen might be teasing new music of some kind. After ending his massively successful Broadway run in 2018 with a release of the show on Netflix, Springsteen shot down rumors that he’d be touring in 2019 and instead stressed he would focus on new music.

“Just a note to quell some of the rumors over here on E Street,” Springsteen said in a statement posted on social media. “While we hope to be back with you soon, the E Street Band won’t be touring in 2019. Before I go back to my day job, the year will be consumed with a break after our Broadway run and various recording projects I’ve been working on. We do hope to see you soon, and until then, we have some mighty E Streeters out there regularly performing with their own projects who’d love and deserve your support.”

These photos seem to tease something new for the Boss, and because he previously confirmed he would be working on various recording projects this year, it seems likely it’s a single or an album. Teasing new music on social media is very in vogue, and has been done by the likes of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Just last week, Swift posted a countdown clock and cryptic images of pink diamond hearts, sending her fans into a frenzy over what it might mean.

The two images Springsteen shared are in keeping with the Southwestern imagery that pervades much of his work, including songs like “The Promised Land” and “The Ghost of Tom Joad.” For now, these images may be talking ’bout a dream, but fans are hoping the Boss tries to make it real.

Many have also speculated that the trees appear to be Joshua trees, the plant which gives Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California its name. Another rock band, U2, are, of course, famously associated with the Joshua Tree due to their 1987 album of that name and a 2017 tour as well. Perhaps Springsteen is planning a collaboration with the Irish rockers?

Springsteen’s reps are keeping mum (or are equally in the dark). They responded to EW’s request for comment, saying, “We will let you know the moment we have any news.”

Though Springsteen released his Broadway show as an album, as well as a companion album to his 2016 memoir, his last new album was 2014’s High Hopes.

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