Paul Simon got some unexpected help when he made a triumphant return to late night on Monday. The singer performed “That Was Your Mother” on The Late Show, and was joined by host Stephen Colbert himself.

Colbert introduced Simon as “one of my favorite artists,” with an instrument slung over his own shoulder. Simon was aided on the Graceland track by the house band Jon Batiste and Stay Human. Batiste, a Louisiana native, brought out an accordion to play on the bayou-accented tune. Colbert soon joined in by playing a zydeco washboard instrument known as a frottoir. In the clip, you can see the host wail on it with spoons. He wasn’t the only enthusiastic one on stage. Simon busted out all kinds of dance moves during instrumental breaks, and accented the lyrics with appropriate facial expressions.

Last year, Simon performed around the country on what was billed as a “farewell tour.” But, as EW’s Maureen Lee Lenker wrote in her review of one of the tour’s Hollywood Bowl performances, “Simon waffled on the exact meaning of ‘farewell tour’ and whether it was really the end of the road for him, clarifying that he’ll continue to write and perform music for as long as he can.”

For now, the beat goes on. Watch the full clip above.

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