Ariana Grande is passing go and collecting $200 — and maybe telling fans something about herself in the process.

The pop star dropped a new single on Monday, “Monopoly,” with Victoria Monét, who previously worked with Grande on Thank U, Next as a co-writer on “NASA,” “7 Rings,” and the album’s title track, among others (Monét was also part of Grande’s First Wives Club-themed performance of “Thank U, Next” on Ellen in November). Grande had teased the new song on social media in the days leading up to its release, tweeting at Monét on Wednesday, “seven rings is ab to be number one for eight weeks and the album might go back to no. 1 too…. we need to celebrate tbh !”

The duo waited another five days to drop the single and accompanying emoji-filled music video (teasing mercilessly in the hours leading up to the release), and fans, reliably, wasted no time memorizing and dissecting the track’s lyrics. Many of the words echo the unapologetic materialism and sheer financial power on display in “7 Rings,” but fans are speculating that Grande — who got personal when she rattled off the names of four of her famous ex-boyfriends in the first verse of “Thank U, Next” — might be saying something more with one line from the chorus: “I like women and men (yeah).” Monét, who shares the line with Grande in the song, has previously come out on social media.

The speculation comes on the heels of February’s “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” music video, which ends (spoiler alert?) with Grande kissing the titular “girlfriend” rather than the guy she appears to have been pining for throughout the clip. There’s also the ongoing confusion over the “Thank U, Next” lyric about having met someone new, and “This one gon’ last / ‘Cause her name is Ari.” It’s about Grande’s renewed relationship with herself, but the common mishearing of the line as being about a girl named Aubrey has become a joke among Grande’s fans.

Check out the “Monopoly” video above.