By Lynette Rice
March 21, 2019 at 03:41 PM EDT
Credit: Justin Carter/YouTube

Budding country singer Justin Carter has reportedly died after a prop gun accidentally went off in his apartment, according to reports.

ABC11 in Houston is reporting that a gun that was set to be used as music video prop is what killed Carter. The rising singer recently signed a deal with Triple Threat Management and was considered “the next Garth Brooks,” said the company’s Mark Atherton.

Carter’s mother Cindy McClellan told ABC 11 that “music was his world.” Triple Threat is expected to release his music.

His Facebook bio describes him as a “Texas born and Texas-raised country boy to his core. His passion and drive stem from being influenced by some of the greats since he was just a child. He grew up listening to Waylon, Hank, George and Jones. Some of his favorites are Clay Walker, Garth Brooks and George Strait. Justin’s passion is derived from the sound of old country, and he clings to that feeling he gets when he hears it and tries to push that into his music. Times are changing and so are the generations taste in music, but Justin tries to keep a happy medium between both old and new to satisfy everyone.”

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